Our Events

Event 1 Courbevoie Conference 25th - 27th October 2010 

This three day conference was held in Courbevoie, Paris and hosted by the municipality. This was the first time that the steering groups from the four towns had met. During the formal sessions each community presented a profile of their respective towns and discussed the issues that were of particular importance in supporting and providing services to their older populations. The profiles prepared by each older peoples' groups can be found here.

Event 2    European Parliament Conference September 2011  

The original intention was that this event should be held at the Strasbourg Parliament but only when detailed arrangements were being made was the steering group informed that such conferences are not allowed. The meeting was therefore arranged and held at the MISHA  University which is a short distance from the Parliament. The University has excellent facilities and its conference rooms are equiped with booths for  simultaneous interpreting. Unfortunately because of the limited budget and high cost of hotels in the city the delegates were housed some 40 km from the centre of Strasbourg and bussed in each day. Nevertheless the conference was very successful and demonstrated that 'best practice' was not the domain of any one town and that we could  all benefit by identifying and adopting the best practices undoubtedly present within Europe. A report on the conference is available here.

Event 3 Enfield Conference March 2012

The final conference was held in Enfield. Besides the respective steering groups a number of Enfield over 50s Forum attended the conference. The main thrust of this conference was to highlight the outcomes of our research into the differences in approaches to dealing with dimentia, stroke, transport and practices aimed at keeping older people healthier and less dependent on hospital and social care. Jean Lambert MEP outlined the initiatives that are coming from Brussels in improving the lot of older people. Ray James, Enfield's director of social care gave delegates an outline of Enfield's plans for dealing with the ageing population. The full report on the conference can be found here.